Retailers can become a resellers of Dart Cards.

Playing darts has never been this much fun!

Become A Reseller Of Dart Cards.

Want to know how you can sell Dart Cards™ in your store? All retailers are welcome to sell!

As a business opportunity, consider the following:

Dart games for dart players.
  • Dart Cards™ do not take up much space in your establishment
  • A product conumers want to pick up and touch
  • Great mark-up in line with other retail products
  • Great at the checkout counter as an impulse purchase.
  • Wholesale cost per unit is more than competitive.
  • Terrific stocking stuffers and gifts. Purchasers can quickly check that dart player off their shopping list at a reasoinable price.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.