Learn the games of Dart Cards and see how much you can have playing darts.

Playing darts has never been this much fun!

How to play with Dart Cards.

There are 5 established games that you can play to get you started, however there are no limits to the amount of games you can come up with. The only limit is your imagination!

 Game One: 21: The Standard

Suitable For:  Determine shooting order by shooting for the Inner Bull. Closest to the Inner Bull starts first.

Setup:  Shuffle the deck and place in a pile face down. Turn top card of the deck face up.

The Play:  1st player shoots for the point value of the face up card, trying to score as many times as they can with 3 darts. 2nd player shoots for the same card point value and so on until everyone has taken their turn. Discard the face card and turn over the next card.

Variation:  Discard card after each player has taken their turn.

Scoring:  Players total the point value of card/cards, for the 3 darts thrown. Continue play until a player reaches 21 points (or more).

Game Two: Solo Darts

Suitable For:  Practice

The Play:  Shuffle the deck and player goes through the entire deck totalling their score as they go.

Scoring:  A perfect score is 501 points.

Time Required:  Medium to Long

Game Three: Collection

Suitable For:  Group Play

Setup:  Place all cards in the deck face up on a table.

The Play:  Players chooses a card, separates it from the rest of the deck, and shoots 3 darts at the target on the card. If the player hits the target, they take the card. They then continue to throw until they miss their target card. The game ends with the last card being collected. The player with the most cards wins.

Variation:  1. Cards are face down and player chooses cards without knowing the value. 2. Players only take one throw per turn. 3. Player with the most points wins.

Game Four: Elimination

Suitable For:  Group Play

Setup:  Sort the deck into colour groups. Place black cards on top followed by green, yellow, and finally red cards. Inner "Bull Card" must be on the bottom of the deck.

Shooting Order:  Determine the shooting order through a coin toss or clsoest tot he bull by throwing one dart with the 'wrong' hand. Closest tot he bull shoots first, second closest shoots second, etc.

The Play: Using 3 darts the player draws one card from the deck and must successfully shoot what is on the card or face elimination from the game.

Variation:1. Rather than elimination, players gets 3 "lives".

Scoring: The game continues until there is only person left in the game.

Remember, these are only suggestions and the possibilities are endless. Use these games to get started and then invent your own!