Learn about the history of Dart Cards.

Playing darts has never been this much fun!

About Dart Cards.

Designed by a dart player, the main idea behind the concept of Dart Cards™ was to create something different that would provide dart players with some alternative options to the standard games. As dart players, we've all been there. 501. 301. Cricket. Tactics. SIDO. DIDO. And on it goes. Same games, all the time.

Dart games for dart players.

The other thought was how to practice efficiently. We all know that accuracy and consistency are the keys to becoming a good dart player, but how do you practice without becoming too bored with your routines?

And that's how the idea for “Dart Cards™” was born.

The possibilities with Dart Cards™ are endless. Each “hand” is different, or you can use one card at a time. You can go through an entire deck in one session, or you can set a certain of amount of cards. It's up to you!

Originally designed for personal use,“Dart Cards™” are now being mass-produced and made available for darters of all skill-levels. Beginners to seasoned professionals alike will benefit from these learning tools. Try them today!